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Disabled People's Direct Action Network (DAN)

In 1993, Barbara Lisicki, Alan Holdworth, and Sue Elsegood became founded the Disabled People's Direct Action Network (DAN). It was a network of individual disabled people and allies.

The network sustained exposure across the UK through a team of regional organisers.

The first public action by DAN was in July 1993 in Christchurch after a Parliamentary by-election was called, and the Conservative candidate, tipped to win, had previously in the House of Commons prevented new disability rights legislation from becoming law. DAN organized protests during his campaign, and he lost the election.

Over the years DAN organised around 60 actions of which around 15 were national ones.

A national committee of disabled people existed for most of DAN's active years, including many of the regional organisers. A newsletter was produced, especially in the build-up and winding-down of a major action.

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